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About Atom Universe

Atom Universe is a theme park featuring plenty of rides and mini-games, as well as advanced social interactions. The first release will be on PC initially, then PS4 later. It will contain the main hub, a place to meet up and socialize in the centre of the theme park, plus 3 rides: The Minikart Race, the Shooting Gallery and the Motor Stunts.

The Game Features

  • Environment Interactions: sit on benches, lean on walls, lie on a bed...
  • Actions: dance, take a pose, express your emotions via gestures and effects...
  • Avatar-to-avatar Physical Interactions: dance together, shake hands, hug, kiss, hold hands, piggyback.... Multiple avatars can also execute synchronized moves as a group: conga line, Mexican wave, line dancing, Macarena, walk like a horde of zombies...
  • Locomotion: you will be able to drive a vehicle... But not just on your own: in Atom Universe, you can hitch a ride too! Any avatar can pick you up in their Vehicle and you can just enjoy the ride !

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We are currently maintaining 203 pages (5 articles)!
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